Bear: to hold up, as in bear the weight of to bring forth, as

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canada goose uk shop Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea, so make sure you eat food when you drink.Take breaks from alcohol. Pick a day or two each week when you will not drink at all. Then, try to stop drinking for one week. Although there are many more examples that are simply words that function as both nouns and verbs (trap, bat, range, et cetera), I tried to give examples that included multiple meanings that were all nouns. Bear: to hold up, as in bear the weight of to bring forth, as in to bear a child to conduct or carry, as in to bear yourself erectly a quadruped, omnivorous mammal a bad mannered, rude person a person showing great ability or enthusiasm describing declining prices in the stock market Fare: the price of the ride, as in bus bare the person paying for the ride, as in only three fares on the bus to describe the type being offered, as in entertainment fare, Mediterranean fare to turn out or happen, as in how did you fare on your trip Bail: surety for release of someone from custody a semicircular handle for a bucket or support for canvas of a covered wagon a strip of metal to hold paper moving over a press to clear water by dipping out with a container Run: to move quickly using your legs, to flee, to escape to turn to for support or aid, as in don’t run to your parents to do it to move, roll, or be propelled, as in the wheel ran on to the curb to campaign for an election to move, glide, or slide easily, as in a rope through a pulley to melt, flow or drip, as in the water will run off the roof an extended period of time, as in a run of luck Way: a manner or mode, as in a way to think about it a direction or vicinity, as in come visit out out way a route, road, or passage a range or extent, as in luck came my way FEATURE: (noun) characteristic or distinctive part part of a face a specialized article the newspaper main film in a cinema program (verb) emphasize take part. It’s complicated though and the trick takes a long time too. canada goose uk shop

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