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Area of Expertise

Established in 2004, AZURE Recruitment is a leading executive search firm serving the hospitality industry exclusively. Our client relationships are enforced by trust, discretion and confidentiality.

AZURE Recruitment offers a highly specialised style of personal service, and has access to the finest and most professional candidates ready to cope with the challenges in a fast changing world.

We know as much as we can about the candidate and the candidate knows as much as he/she can about the client before we present their resume. We stand behind every candidate that we submit, as each candidate is a direct reflection of our understanding of your needs.

Hospitality Executive Search

Our Executive Search practice focuses on the provision of Senior hospitality professionals; Finance, Hotel management, Human resource and F&B professionals to Hotels throughout Asia. Each search commences with a detailed briefing from the client allowing our recruiters to understand the type of individual being sought.

We concentrate on finding, recruiting and presenting the most qualified candidate the old fashioned way, through personal relationships and professional contacts.

It is our desire to work side by side with our clients to help fill all their management needs. Our fees are competitive, and our work is guaranteed.

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