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“The three NASA astronauts currently aboard the International

If you just means gaming, then SATA is sufficient. If you plan to do a lot of sequential writes then the warranty on E12 drives might be nice. If you want all around performance including writes, the 970 EVO/EVO Plus are good. It wasn deleted for personal beliefs, it was removed by automoderator for an abnormally high number of reports, which rarely ever causes issues and catches a lot of spam and other bad shit quite well. Sometimes it mis fires and catches super controversial posts. Once I heard it was removed it was put back.About all your rants that things get deleted because we don agree with, if that was the case why isn this deleted? Why aren you banned?Last time this came up I posted the previous weeks worth of mod logs as an example and provided explanations for every removal.

As much as I fucking hate Joel Embiid, baseball needs more of that type of player.And some people think it as simple as the player demographics in each sport and that minorities are more likely to be rebellious and trendy. As a minority myself, I think that garbage. I don think white athletes are boring.

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You know how people with downs syndrome talk with a discernible speech impediment? He talked like that. It wasn awful, but it was noticeable and made you pause and think “hey wait a minute is this guy retarded?” Always very slow on the uptake. When he did push ups it was the wackiest damn form I ever seen.

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