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Poll: Hong Kong hotel guests are Asia’s most honest

Hotel guests from Hong Kong are the most honest in Asia, a new poll has found.’s global survey asked travellers which hotel amenities they decided to keep hold of after checking out. The results were encouraging, with the majority of hotel guests (65%) claiming never to have stolen from a hotel room, except toiletries.

Of those respondents who did admit to taking hotel amenities, guests from Denmark pilfered the least, followed by those from the Netherlands and Norway. Hong Kong (joint fourth globally) was Asia’s most honest nation, ahead of Taiwan and South Korea (joint ninth) and Singapore (12th).

Chinese and Indian hotel guests were found to be more prone to taking advantage of hotels’ generosity however; the two countries placed joint 23rd (with the US) and 27th respectively, out of the 29 nations polled.

Magazines and books (13%) were found to the most-snaffled hotel goods, followed by linen and towels (11%). Just 3% of respondents admitted to having bagged a bathrobe and only 1% stole their hotel pillow.

Top 10 countries by honesty:

1. Denmark
2. Netherlands
3. Norway
4. Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong
7. Italy
8. Russia
9. Taiwan, South Korea


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