The World’s Top Culinary Destinations

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Istanbul, Turkey

You’ll find fusion food at its spiciest in Turkey, with a traditional cuisine that blends Middle Eastern, Balkan, and Asian influences. The Spice Market in Istanbul is one of the world’s most fragrant destinations, with everything from saffron to sumac. Enjoy a cup of dark, earthy Turkish coffee to get your day going and cut its depth with a honey-laden slice of baklava. Many budget airlines offer affordable flights, so you can spend more on experiencing the food!

Marrakesh, Morocco

Pigeon pastries, snail soup, and meat roasted on an open spit are just a few of the exotic delicacies that you’ll find in Marrakesh. Indulge in the rich flavor of a traditional tagine served with couscous and take a stroll through the tantalizing Djemaa el-Fna open air food market after dark. Moroccan cuisine successfully merges the sweet with the savory in many of its most delicious national dishes, whether you sample them at a street stall or at Le Palais Gharnatta.

Oaxaco, Mexico

Mexican food encompasses far more than just burritos and nachos. For a taste of real Mexican home cooking, Oaxaca is a must-visit destination on any foodie’s bucket list. Chocolate is used frequently in the local cuisine of this region, from the rich and spicy mole sauce to chilli-spiked hot chocolate. If you’re feeling bold, try a side of nutty roasted grasshoppers, called chapulines. Fresh local ingredients and an array of unusual seasonings make the Mexican cuisine of Oaxaca unlike anything else you’re bound to experience.

Bangkok, Thailand

Lemongrass-scented curries and steaming bowls of noodles will greet you as you step into central Bangkok, home to some of the world’s most delectable cuisine. Thai cuisine uses fresh herbs and seafood to create an exotic melange of flavors. You can sample these from street vendors, local markets, or fancy restaurants at the Dusit Thani or Sukhothai hotels.

Rome, Italy

No list of the world’s top culinary destinations would be complete without a mention of Italy. Italian cuisine is varied, with each region boasting its own intricate use of local ingredients. You can get a broad sampling in Rome, from the colorful vegetable market at Campo dei Fiori to wine tasting at an Enoteca. There are numerous cooking courses available for visitors should you wish to pick up some new pasta rolling techniques.

San Francisco, USA

Although New York City and New Orleans offer exciting regional cuisine, San Francisco has something special. California cuisine uses fresh, organic, locally grown ingredients and incorporates them into 5-star meals at restaurants like Chez Panisse in Berkeley. San Francisco’s Chinatown neighborhood is world-famous for its authentic delights, with its Little Italy not far behind. This charming city offers a true melting pot of world cuisine with its own organic twist.


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