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Hotel performance in Asia Pacific for August 2013

According to data compiled by STR Global, hotels in the Asia Pacific region experienced mixed results in the three key performance metrics during August 2013 when compared with August 2012 and reported in U.S. dollars.

The region’s occupancy ended the month with a 3.0% increase to 71.8%, ADR dropped 5.3% to US$119.88, and RevPAR was down 2.5% to US$86.09.

“Occupancy was up for all sub regions in Asia Pacific during August while ADR is down for all except for Southeastern Asia when measured in USD terms,” said Elizabeth Winkle, managing director of STR Global. “Southeastern Asia continues to be the only sub region to report positive results. Performance in markets in Malaysia and Indonesia was stronger in August due to the shift of Ramadan from July in 2012 to August in 2013. Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur reported double-digit occupancy and RevPAR increases for the month, when measured in USD.”

Highlights from key market performers for August 2013 in local currency (year-on-year comparisons):

• Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, reported the largest occupancy increase, rising 17.1% to 78.8%. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, followed with a 15.0% increase to 64.3%.

• Manila, Philippines, fell 4.1% in occupancy to 62.3%, posting the largest decrease in that metric.

• Three markets experienced double-digit ADR increases: Jakarta, Indonesia (+19.0% to IDR1,092,154.58); Kuala Lumpur (+13.0% to MYR391.10); and Osaka, Japan (+11.0% to JPY12,145.94).

• Ho Chi Minh fell 6.3% in ADR to VND2,491,250.62, reporting the largest decrease in that metric.

• Four markets achieved RevPAR increases of more than 15%: Jakarta (+34.6% to IDR640,472.30); Kuala Lumpur (+32.3% to MYR308.20); Bangkok, Thailand (+23.4% to THB2,518.45); and Melbourne, Australia (+15.9% to AUD154.48).

• Seoul, South Korea, fell 7.7% in RevPAR to KRW162,929.03, posting the largest decrease in that metric.

Highlights from key market performers for August in U.S. dollars (year-over-year comparisons):

• Kuala Lumpur rose 7.2% in ADR to US$118.64, reporting the largest increase in that metric. Bangkok followed with a 6.5% increase to US$97.24.

• Mumbai, India (-21.3% to US$102.49), and Delhi-NCR, India (-19.4% to US$88.84), experienced the largest ADR decreases in August.

• Three markets achieved double-digit RevPAR increases: Kuala Lumpur (+25.6% to US$93.49); Bangkok (+20.8% to US$78.25); and Jakarta (+17.7% to US$58.48).

• Delhi-NCR fell 17.9% in RevPAR to US$44.84, reporting the largest decrease in that metric.

Source: STR Global

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