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I hadn even heard of this streaming service before he talked

The answer I’ve found just about every time is that if you’re in it for sheer dollars, it doesn’t pencil out. Not for hybrids, not for diesels and not for E85 or whatever else you’re into. You have to have another reason to want these cars. Until very late in last season, Daenerys’s forces had a decided edge against all other armies because she possessed the only three known living dragons. But the Night King has a dragon as well, which he acquired by killing and then raising Viserion from the dead. And as season 7 ended, Viserion’s blue flames destroyed a portion of the Wall, changing the balance of power..

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Also mean bands like Rage Against the Machine wouldn really fit. Yes, they did have a lot of hip hop elements, but they didn have the same kind of groove as n metal bands. It the same reason why I wouldn categorize Faith No More as nu metal band (although, they were insanly influential)..

Tips to make yourself more marketable. I really don know. This will sound arrogant and it definitely not meant to sound like that, but it a mixture of having a certain personality (being real), showing people you put in some solid effort, and having a social media following.

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