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But i can remember a cod campaign i truly enjoyed to be honest

With the exception of the candy I earned (from both rare candy and Lugia Moltres candy from those I caught and transferred) these raids were a complete waste of time. All 4 of them were within half a kilometer from each other so I walked hooray for exercise but this all took a grand total of 3 hours. Count the actual minutes of gameplay of participating in the raids (approx 3 minutes each) that is equal to 12 minutes of playing the game how I intended to play when I left the house versus 2 hours and 48 minutes of not playing the game how I wanted to play..

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(Edit: for anyone downvoting, if you think Brazilian healthcare is “deplorable” or underdeveloped, you simply don know the History of Brazilian Medicine, our milestones and achievements, in generics, surgery and treatments. You don know how far our coverage goes and the steps our country took to make everything better time and time again. So I going to keep this here as I know it is a fact.

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My dad always explained to me “we don’t want to keep this turtle here, he would be sad. He would be away from all of his friends and turtle family. You would miss your family if someone took you. But i can remember a cod campaign i truly enjoyed to be honest. Maybe ghost was the last one I liked. And by failure, I don think he ment by sales, this game became a failure due to the terrible amount of crashes on launch as well as the micro transactions filled and how poorly things were handled at first.

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