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Asia’s first modern prop trading firm expands to Thailand after successful market dominance showcase

MPFunds, Asia’s First Trading Performance Programme, announces its strategic expansion into Thailand, solidifying its position as the leading modern prop trading firm in Asia. This bold move comes after a year of incredible success, highlighted by a major event that showcases MPFunds’ leading role in the trading industry. The decision to expand into Thailand reflects MPFunds’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of success and capturing emerging markets ripe with opportunity. With a large and active trading community, Thailand presents a strategic growth opportunity for MPFunds. Moreover, the abundance of local trading talent and a market gap in the Asia-Pacific region further cement Thailand as the perfect destination for MPFunds’ expansion.

Expanding to Thailand and Beyond

MPFunds’ expansion into Thailand marks a significant milestone in its journey to dominate the Asian trading market. By tapping into Thailand’s vibrant trading community, MPFunds aims to increase its trader base, gain invaluable insights into trading behaviors, and raise awareness across Asia. This strategic move positions MPFunds to capture a larger share of the Asian market, reinforcing its status as the leading modern prop trading firm in the region.

Beyond the benefits for MPFunds, the expansion into Thailand brings substantial advantages for traders, employees, and stakeholders alike. Traders can now access a dedicated Thai Community Discord channel, fostering collaboration, sharing of trading tips, and community support. Employees stand to benefit from enhanced career growth opportunities and the chance to work in an exciting overseas market. Stakeholders can expect increased revenue, user growth, and a positive outlook on the market.

Key Initiatives and Milestones

As part of its expansion, MPFunds has introduced several key initiatives to cater to the unique needs of Traders in Asia and beyond. The launch of a Membership Programme, a first in the industry, allows traders to earn rewards for every trading challenge account they sign up for, unlocking various rewards with a point system. Additionally, MPFunds has integrated a new trading platform alongside its existing cTrader platform, providing traders with enhanced options and flexibility in their trading evaluation.

Event Launch in Thailand

The success of MPFunds expansion efforts is highlighted by its recent milestone event in Bangkok, Thailand. Starting with a private event hosting 30+ traders in Singapore, MPFunds began its journey. Following a successful pre-seed funding round, raising US$1.1 million, the company expanded its reach, hosting a physical event with 100 traders in June 2023. A year later, MPFunds achieved a milestone with its first and largest overseas event in Bangkok, Thailand, drawing over 700 traders. This overwhelming response underscores the company’s expanding influence and success.

“The expansion to Thailand marks a significant milestone for us as we extend our reach beyond Singapore.” said [Dean Wong], [CEO and Founder] of MPFunds. “Winning the Singapore SME 500 (2024) award has boosted our credibility worldwide, and our customer-centric 3Cs (courses, coaching, and counselling) approach resonates with Asian traders seeking success. We are excited to bring our expertise and tailored programmes to Thailand, empowering traders and further establishing MPFunds as a leader in the regional trading market.”

With its expansion into Thailand, MPFunds is poised for continued success in empowering traders and driving innovation in the trading performance sector. The company remains committed to its mission of providing a supportive and nurturing trading environment for traders across Asia.

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