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Accor on track to reach Chinese Mercure target

Accor is on track to reach its target of launching 60 Chinese Grand Mercure hotels by 2015.

The European hotelier launched its Grand Mercure Mei Jue brand one year ago, promising to focus on the needs of the domestic Chinese market. At the time of launch, Accor said it planning to develop 60 Grand Mercure Mei Jue properties across Greater China within three years. And with 28 already confirmed – 13 operational and 15 in the pipelines – the company said it is confident of meeting its 2015 target.

“We are very pleased to celebrate the first anniversary of the Grand Mercure Mei Jue and the success of our partnership with our hotel owners to keep the momentum going,” said Raymond Tong, Accor’s Executive Director and Vice President of Development for Greater China. “In just one year, the brand has gone from one hotel to 13 properties. And with 15 more hotels in the pipeline, we are well on track to achieving our target of 60 Grand Mercure Mei Jue in Greater China in 2015.”

Grand Mercure Mei Jue properties are now open in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Jinan, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Dalian, Dongguan and Urumqi, and Accor has confirmed deals to bring the brand to several new Chinese cities, such as Changzhou, Shaoxing, Anshan, Guiyang and Dandong, as well as tourist destinations like Dali and Huangguoshu.

All Grand Mercure Mei Jue hotels will be tailored to Chinese guests, with aspects including traditional Chinese food items in restaurants, tea rooms and guest activities such as tai chi.

“Our tailor-made Grand Mercure Mei Jue hotels present a perfect example of where east meets west by pairing some of the most respected Chinese cultural icons such as tea, congee and tai chi with something classically French, such as macaroons. By working with our partners and local industry, we look to continue expanding the brand’s presence in more dynamic and exciting destinations across the country,” said Paul Richardson, Chief Operating Officer of Accor Greater China.

Accor recently followed up the Greater China launch with the creation of a new Grand Mercure brand specific to the Indonesian market. The first Grand Mercure Maha Cipta-branded hotel will launch in Jakarta.


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